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At Stack Endurance, our mission is to empower both race directors and runners in their pursuit of excellence. As an all-in-one solution for endurance and road races, we are dedicated to providing race organizers with the tools and expertise needed to host exceptional events that inspire athletes to go beyond their limits. Simultaneously, we equip runners with the resources they require to elevate their performance and achieve their personal bests. Through innovation, efficiency, and unwavering support, Stack Endurance strives to be the cornerstone of success for race directors and the catalyst for triumph among runners.

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The dedication and expertise of End Result and Stack Sports in timing our marathon, have been instrumental in creating a memorable experience for our participants.
Jed Cornforth, Executive Director, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

We wanted to make sure that we continued to bring that energy that people expect, we want you to feel “I AM BOLDER” in your heart and soul when you cross the finish line. That is why we entrusted the timing and event operations to the team at Stack Sports and End Result.

Cliff Bosley, Race Director, BOLDERBoulder
The event would not have been possible without the dedication and tireless efforts of End Result.. Their commitment to quality timing has not only ensured the seamless execution of the marathon but also brought together athletes and enthusiasts in celebration of their shared passion for running
Jake Jass, Director, Des Moines Marathon

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